Course Registration Organization And Semester 2 Start Time 2020 - 2021

Candidates use the results of high school to apply for admission to the Institute of Education Management according to the learning results of 3 semesters, including the 1st grade in 11th grade, 2nd year in 11th grade, 1st grade in 12th grade, specifically how to calculate the admission score transcripts are as follows:

Admission test score Academic report = Grade point average of Semester 1 year 11 + GPA of Semester 2 grade 11 + GPA of Semester 1 grade 12.

The Academy accepts applications with admission scores of 17.0 points or higher.

Candidates who are considered for admission by the method of admission based on academic records will only be officially recognized when they have graduated from high school according to regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training.

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